Verify SSL Certificate on Chrome

Due to the recent update of Chrome Browser, steps used to verify SSL certificate validity have changed. If you still use old Chrome Browser you can read instructions in for SSL certificate verification in our Anti-Phishing Guide.

If you’re on latest versions of Google Chrome below are instructions on how to verify SSL certificate there.

  • Navigate to a page which you want to view SSL details for.
  • Click on tree dots icon in the left right corner of Chrome Browser
  • three-dots-chrome
  • In the menu which will open select “More Tools” and then “Developer Tools”
  • You should see a tab open within Chrome browser similar to the one displayed below
  • security-tab
  • Select “Security” tab
  • In the “Security” tab you should see information if site that you have currently opened provides valid certificate (see screenshot above). If there is a valid certificate available for the site you can view it by clicking on “View certificate” button
  • Below is an example of a valid certificate for
  • microsoft-ssl-certificate