Papa Murphy Survey at Guide is a survey website owned by Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza company. Papa Murphy’s is a large company with 1,300 outlets in the United States and Canada. Given the number of outlets, it is very important for Papa Murphy’s to know customer experience in their restaurants. That’s why website was created. is not using any encryption thus we don’t recommend entering any identifying personal or financial information to this website. We reviewed questions that asks and there are no questions asking you to provide your personal information. So if you see any survey question asking for your name, credit card, address or any other personal or financial information do not enter it and check whether you typed website name correctly. Phishing websites may try to pose as in order to get important personal information from you. Be wary of this when filling up your responses. survey questions

We reviewed survey on website and below is a list of questions which you should expect to see on website.

  • Page 1
    • Enter your ZIP and click “Search” button
    • Entery the date of the visit
  • Page 2
    • What time of day did you visit Papa Murphy’s
    • How did you place your order?
  • Page 3
    • Rate your overall satisfaction with this visit to Papa Murphy’s
  • Page 4 – please rate following statements
    • The store was clean and well maintained.
    • The staff made my experience great.
    • The time I spent at the store was quick and efficient.
    • My order was made exactly as I wanted it.
    • My food was great quality.
  • Page 5
    • How likely are you to recommend Papa Murphy’s to your friends or family
  • Page 6
    • How often do you visit Papa Murphy’s
    • What is your gender
    • What is your age
  • Page 7. On this page you will see a box which allows you to record your video feedback for Papa Murphy’s. If you don’t like to leave video response you can select “I’d like to type out my response” option. Make sure not to type any personal or financial information into this box.

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