Verify SSL Certificate on Internet Explorer

Below instructions are applicable to Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows 10. Please note that you can only verify certificate in a native version of Internet Explorer 10. New Internet Explorer for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge doesn’t have the functionality to view certificate details.

  • Navigate to a website for which you want to verify SSL certification in your Internet Explorer browser. Make sure that you are not using Microsoft Edge browser. To launch Internet Explorer on Windows 10 you need to type “internet explorer” in window search bar. You should see Internet Explorer appear in a list above
  • Click on lock icon located on the right side of the taskbar. If lock icon is missing it means that website is not using SSL encryption and it is not safe to use it for anything other than reading content from it. ie-ssl-1
  • After clicking on the lock icon you should see a small popup window with basic certificate details. Typically it will have very generic information about the certificate. ie-ssl-2
  • To make sure that you’re actually browsing a website which is owned by a specific corporate entity you need to click on “View certificates” link in this popup window.
  • You should see a window with certificate details as on an image belowie-ssl-3
  • Click on triangle next to “Details” in order to view all factual details about the website certificate. You should see website owner company details and also details of entity which issues the certificate

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Verify SSL Certificate on Chrome

Due to the recent update of Chrome Browser, steps used to verify SSL certificate validity have changed. If you still use old Chrome Browser you can read instructions in for SSL certificate verification in our Anti-Phishing Guide.

If you’re on latest versions of Google Chrome below are instructions on how to verify SSL certificate there.

  • Navigate to a page which you want to view SSL details for.
  • Click on tree dots icon in the left right corner of Chrome Browser
  • three-dots-chrome
  • In the menu which will open select “More Tools” and then “Developer Tools”
  • You should see a tab open within Chrome browser similar to the one displayed below
  • security-tab
  • Select “Security” tab
  • In the “Security” tab you should see information if site that you have currently opened provides valid certificate (see screenshot above). If there is a valid certificate available for the site you can view it by clicking on “View certificate” button
  • Below is an example of a valid certificate for
  • microsoft-ssl-certificate