Lyft provides customer service via several channels listed below

Lyft customer support

Emergency phone number

1-855-865-9553 is a phone number which you should call in a case of an accident or an emergency with Lyft service.

In App Lyft Customer Support

The quickest way to access Lyft Customer Support is to do it from Lyft mobile App. To do it click on an icon with your face in the left top corner of your screen.


You will see the┬ámain app menu as shown above. Tap on “Help” menu item. You will see your most recent trip with Lyft. Select it by tapping on it. Below the trip details you will see options:

  • Find lost item
  • Request review

Tap on any of them to start the process of retrieving lost item or reviewing your trip with Lyft.

E-mail support from Lyft

Submit a request to Lyft via e-mail form at the following URL:

Lyft FAQ and help database

You can access Lyft frequently asked questions and database of other useful articles at

Lyft Social Contacts

Facebook page of Lyft:
Twitter page of Lyft:


1-855-865-9553 phone is an emergency phone line for Lyft customers. You can use 1-855-865-9553 to contact Lyft support in case of emergency situations like road accidents.
Below are other ways to contact Lyft.

Lyft e-mail

You can submit e-mail request to Lyft by using following URL:

Social Media Contacts for Lyft

You can tweet to Lyft customer support via following Twitter URL or use Lyft Facebook page

Lyft Help Site

To browse Lyft Frequently Asked Questions and help database you should use